Seuratek Co Ltd is an innovation company for distributing related semiconductor parts and accessories based in Kaohsiung and Hsinchu,Taiwan. The company provides services in electronic design (LEDs Package, PCB Design, wireless ferrite and coil) and in the semiconductor area (Dressing Brd. Grinding wheel, Laser Protective Coating, Wafer Grinding).

 For one of their projects, Seuratek needed to start a production of SAW filters with special parameters. Looking for a contractor to design the filters, the company Director Peter Lee came across the technology profile of the Russian company BITUS, Ltd.– a client of the Russian Technology Transfer Network.

Research-and-Production Enterprise BUTIS, Ltd. develops and manufactures band-pass radio-frequency filters on surface acoustic waves (SAW filters) and devices based on them since 1990s. The basic team of experts in BUTIS, Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience in the development and batch production of SAW filters for civil and defense applications.

The profile titled "Expertise in Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters design for mobile and other applications" was published at the web-site of Innoget open innovation marketplace  in the framework of bilateral cooperation between Innoget and RTTN.

Mr. Lee expressed interest in the profile of BUTIS. Olga Tarasova, RTTN consultant, facilitated the start of negotiations between Seuratek and BUTIS. The Russian company faced a difficult task, because of special features requested by the Taiwan company. Yet, having got profound knowledge and many-years' experience to design any SAW filters at the level of best world manufacturers, BUTIS finally decided to sign the contract under the specification requested by Seuratec.

The contract is under implementation now. Seuratek is preparing specification for the next contract.