RTTN’s  Coordinating Organisation is the Non-profit Partnership “Russian Technology Transfer Network”.  The main task of the Partnership is the RTTN management, including:
  •    Development of RTTN’s strategy and development plans;
  •    RTTN’s promotion in Russia and abroad;
  •    Attraction of resources for implementation of RTTN’s tasks, assistance to RTTN members in raising support in their regions, in particular, via participation of RTTN in national and international projects on the technology transfer and commercialization and enhancement of R&D cooperation;
  •    Development of documents and guidelines regulating RTTN’s operation, elaboration of standards and requirements to the content and quality of services provided by the RTTN members, control over their compliance;
  •    Training and methodological support for the RTTN’s member centres;
  •    Development of the RTTN’s information platform, provision of access for the network members;
  •    Recruitment of new members, their training and certification.