The partnering process begins with RTTN member centres looking for clients that are interested in cooperation with other companies or researchers. Once the partnering needs of the client have been identified and evaluated, the actual partnering process begins by entering a profile into RTTN database. A profile is a cooperation request or offer. It summarises essential information about the nature of the offer or request, the client and the expected cooperation.

The profiles are formulated so that one do not need to be a technical specialist in a certain sector in order to understand it; it is one of the key requirements to the RTTN profiles. The profiles are oriented to a wide audience - the staff of companies and organisations, the centres for innovation support and technology transfer, etc. that look for partners

  • to have their developments implemented,
  • to have their technical problems solved,
  • to conduct a joint research,
  • for business cooperation on the manufacture and promotion of innovation products.


Types of profiles

The RTTN’s information platform supports the following types of profiles:

  • Technology Offer is a description of a specific innovative technology, process, or specific know-how which the author of the profile (natural or legal person) is willing to make available to a prospective partner;
  • Technology Request is a description of a technology, process or specific know-how which is required by the author of the profile and which they are willing to source from a prospective partner;
  • Research& Development Request is a description of a specific research project (generally, of applied nature), for which partners are sought with specific research competences. Usually, this supposes a joint application to various calls (e.g. Federal Target Programmes on the scientific and technological development, EU Framework programmes, etc).


How to proceed with the profiles – brief recommendations

The RTTN database contains a number of topical technology and research profiles – see the sections «Technology Requests» and «Technology Offers».

The sections have filters to search the profiles by types, technology sectors, market applications and other parameters. The results are given in a list that includes the titles and abstracts of profiles, sorted by the creation/last modification date. The Abstract summarizes the main information contained in the profile. In order to see a more detailed description, one should click on the title of the profile; the full text contains the detailed description of the offered/requested technology, innovation aspects of the offered technical solution or technical specification of the request, the description of the desired partnership and the partner’s role, etc.

We recommend also considering not only the technology itself, but also the requirements to the potential partner, the foreseen role in the partnership, the situation with the intellectual property, etc. It may save your time and help to select the most appropriate profile.

If, after studying the full text of the profile, you get interested in this offer or request, or you wish to receive additional information, you should express interest in this profile. To do this, please use the special on-line form below the profile. The information system will generate a message to the RTTN member centre that submitted this profile to the database. As a rule, the answer is received in 2-3 days.


The quality of profiles and the responsibility for their content

RTTN has got internal standards and requirements aimed at providing the profiles of high quality. The responsibility for the content and the quality of the profile is shared by the author and the RTTN member centre that submitted the profile to the RTTN database. This ensures an extra check of the profile’s validity and the author’s readiness to the cooperation.