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  The partners of the Russian Technology Transfer Network have received a new opportunity to establish technological cooperation with foreign partners using the global marketplace Innoget.

 The Russian Technology Transfer Network and the global marketplace Innoget have launched a pilot partnership project. In the framework of the agreement, RTTN and Innoget exchange technology offers and requests from their databases. Thus, the Russian innovative companies that published their technology profiles at RTTN have received access to over 100 000 potential partners worldwide interested in transnational technological cooperation. Respectively, the technology profiles from Innoget can now reach a broad audience of Russian innovative companies and research organisations in 27 regions of Russian Federation.

  Innoget was established in 2007 from the integration of a group of professionals of recognized standing and experience in the fields of open innovation and technology transfer.

  Innoget network has neither geographical, nor thematic limitations. It is a marketplace for selling and buying technologies and knowledge about life science, chemistry, engineering, computer science... A global community comprised of thousands of professionals who have free access to tech calls and techs for sale posted by international organizations convinced of the need to collaborate with external partners and actively seek to invest in joint development, technology acquisition, licensing or any other type of collaboration.

  Innoget is an open innovation marketplace. In an open innovation environment, innovation becomes yet another element at the service of companies which can be bought, sold or acquired stemming from the ideas, products and technologies of other organisations. Innoget is conceived with the clear aim of helping our clients in acquiring this innovation and revaluing their most innovative technologies.