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Seuratek Co Ltd is an innovation company for distributing related semiconductor parts and accessories based in Kaohsiung and Hsinchu,Taiwan. The company provides services in electronic design (LEDs Package, PCB Design, wireless ferrite and coil) and in the semiconductor area (Dressing Brd. Grinding wheel, Laser Protective Coating, Wafer Grinding).

European Commission highly appreciated the contribution of the Russian Technology Transfer Network to the Enterprise Europe Network

European Commission highly appreciated the contribution of the Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) in the development of EU-RF research and technological cooperation in the period of RTTN's participation in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). The EASME report shows that nearly all perfomance indicators achieved by RTTN exceed the targets by 10-70 %.

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Russian Technology Transfer Network is among the most active non-EU players in the 7th Framework Programme (2013)

A year before the completion of the EU 7th Framework Programme, the European Commission released a statistical report on the participation of the Russian Federation in this programme. The Nonprofit Partnership “Russian Technology Transfer Network” submitted 6 successful projects and took the 6th place in the list of most active Russian organisations.

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RTTN Helps Bring Russian Multi-Agent Technologies to European Market (2013)

The Smart Solutions (SMRT), part of Knowledge Genesis Group (KGG), in Samara, Russia, is among Russia’s first innovative IT companies to win a bid for an EU-funded integrated project under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). According to Pyotr Skobelev, head of the company, a key factor in achieving the EU level of collaboration has been the support provided by Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN) assisting in commercialization of knowledge-intensive technologies in Russia and search for partners in innovative projects.

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The Dutch-Russian partnership results in breakthrough in microalgae production (2012)

Small innovative company “Vortex Technologies” from Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, Russia and Dutch company Algaecom will proceed into implementing the project in the Netherlands for the production of biogas and feed supplements from microalgae grown in the aquareactor developed by the Russian company.Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN), RTTN’s member - Innovation Centre Koltsovo and Enterprise Europe Network Partner in Netherlands - Syntens assisted the companies in establishing a direct contact, accompanied primary discussions of cooperation, then negotiation over NDA, its detailing and signing. Following the cooperation agreement, the meeting of companies in Russia that allowed for direct demonstration of the technology was organised by the partners.

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Unique cloud solution for up-to-date ultra sound defectoscopy (2011)

The company from Ulyanovsk, Cyber Systems Development, Ltd, in the partnership with an Israeli company and a German institute, developed an innovation product «DSUNDT» (Distributed System for Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Tomography) in the area of ultra sound defectoscopy – a distributed system for ultra sound diagnostics with 3D visualization of defects. The Russian Technology Transfer Network and its member ULSTU Technology Transfer Centre (Ulyanovsk) helped Cyber Systems Development, Ltd. to find foreign partners and to submit the joint proposal to the ERA-NET.RUS Call. Due to the support of the FP7 project ISTOK-SOYUZ, the face-to face meetings with the potential partners were held at the brokerage event ICT-2010.

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